Walter Bruce Stiles

Walter Bruce Stiles lives in Washington State and is a widower who has two daughters and six grandchildren. He has been a blog writer for over twenty years and has authored two other books namely Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind and Poetry By Stiles Book of Short Poems.

W. B. Stiles about the Project Genesis Series:

Many years ago, I had what I thought was a unique idea for superheroes that were created though a substance which came from the heavens. This material made humans stronger, faster, and more durable than their normal human counterparts. The power and abilities of everyone treated with this substance was limited only by the mind of the person using the matter from the heavens.

In 2014 I wrote “The Gathering: Book One of the Project Genesis Series” and I had plans to write two other books about the Project Genesis Series. So, I plotted a story and began writing the second book in the series. My health failed me, and I became very sick. I could have died and suffered from heart problems from 2015 to 2017. In 2017 I had heart surgery and the procedure put my heart back into a heathy rhythm which gave me back my health and my desire to finish the series.

I rewrote the novel with new material and an extra chapter and changed the title to “Project Genesis: The Gathering of Superheroes”. It was released in June of 2018. The story takes place in the great Northwest near Seattle and involves the volcano at Mount Rainier and malevolent forces that would attempt to kill hundreds of thousands of people to gain power and control society. This different view of how things would be if super people really had to operate in a world that no longer believes in the supernatural or miracles.

This Gathering works to stop the evil catastrophe in the Seattle area that is threating the very fabric of society in the world. Other dimensions and realities are explored in the novel “Project Genesis: The Gathering of Superheroes “.

The new novel “The Struggle Project Genesis Series” will be finished soon and be released to the publisher for print. It is a gripping story about two groups of people and the conflict between their opposing goals in America. One wants to control society and the other wants to help people see the evil that is coming. This novel gives us more development of these complicated characters from the first story “Project Genesis: The Gathering of Superheroes” as they struggle with the revelations of the previous novel.